Red Lipsticks for Indian Skin tones (Drugstore Version)

RED LIPS-minRed lipsticks have been my absolute favourite thing to wear on the lips. They definitely add a spring in your step. So here are some drugstore recommendations. From left to right we have:


Revlon HD Matte liquid lipstick in passion: Why does Revlon have to lie to use? This one is definitely not matte, but it is a beautiful colour. Plus, it does not dry up the lips; however, the smell may be too strong for some. Prices at 1195, it can pinch your pocket, but is worth the splurge.

Next up we have my two favourite red lipsticks, both from the Lakme 9 to 5 lip and cheek mousse line. The 2nd from left is burgundy lush and the 3rd is crimson silk. I think it is a bold claim, but I dare say, they are hands down my most favourite liquid lipsticks in the Indian market. Opaque, creamy, highly pigmented, these feel like high end lip products on the lips. They do not dry down a 100 percent, but they look absolutely matte and never do they enhance the lines and wrinkles of the lips. Plus, this range has a very impressive colour selection. Priced at Rs 525 they are a steal!

Next up we have my most used red lipstick. It is the L’Oreal color riche moist matte lipstick in blaze of Red. Priced at Rs 925, they are exactly what the name suggests, they are matte but have a comfortable texture and feel. It’s more of a deeper maroon red; it has a depth to it. Great shade for women of all ages.

Next we have the Avon true color perfectly matte lipstick in Ruby Kiss. I will be 100% honest, the formula sucks, but the colour is so pretty that I am willing to forgive the formula. The product needs to be built up for full opacity, and the dimethicone laden formula has a slip to it, therefore making them comfortable to wear; retails for Rs 450.

Next we have the Maybelline color show lipstick in Firecracker Red, it’s a warmer more orangey Red color which is great for the summer months. This range cannot boast of a good formula, but is easy on the pocket because it retails for Rs 325.

The final lipstick here is the Sugar Cosmetics Matte as Hell Crayon lipstick in Scarlett O’ Hara. On a side note, when you name a lipstick after someone so beautiful, it gotta be good! And it sure is. One of the most pigmented lipstick in this range, it comes in a sharpenable pencil, which is a bummer, but the formula is so creamy and smooth that they could not have it in any other way. Priced at 799 it is quite expensive for the product you get, but it is definitely worth it!

Comment below your favourite red lipstick, will love to check it out. Also let me know what more would you want to see in this blog.


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